KlangBasel Festival;
Literaturhaus Basel
Audiovisual installation

Sound and concept: Anklin | Oron
Light and scenography
: Thomas Giger & Charlotte Martin
Stories: Michael Fehr

The groove course bursts into the room. A trip without stop on demand. The power and control - everything has been taken away. Delivered on the run, curiosity keeps the trip going: demolition, departure, the next planet pops up in this galaxy. Surrender like a forbidden temptation. As if hidden behind rocks, voyeurs delighted in sacred voodoo rites. The wicked utopia soon becomes gloomy dystopia. The optics turn inversely, a xylophone made of skulls with disembodied hammering on it. Ethereal raging or playful attempt? Crystal blocks in the sky in which gray weather prevails. We are spinning our own thing.