released March 20
on Sais Records
Vinyl: Side A 10 Dioramas | Side B 5 Panoramas

The debut album by Michael Anklin and Janiv Oron combines two diametrically different approaches to music making on two sides of the same disc. Insights and views: The groove course bursts into the room. A trip without stop on demand. The power and control - everything has been taken away. Delivered on the run, curiosity keeps the trip going: demolition, departure, the next planet pops up in this galaxy. Surrender like a forbidden temptation. As if hidden behind rocks, voyeurs delighted in sacred voodoo rites. The wicked utopia soon becomes gloomy dystopia. 1920s, “Shores of Forgetfulness” by Eugen Bracht - no people, no humanity, just dark fantasy: a xylophone made of skulls with disembodied hammering on it. Ethereal raging or playful attempt? Eerie, abstract. Order is lost. Are you yourself in danger? Pale light shimmers. Should one follow it? Is redemption there, who lurks there? Shadowy face, clear intention: you want to communicate. The repetition is scary, haunting, engaging, full focus: me. Should I only feel this or understand it as well? Suddenly the clear realization: The problem on foreign planets is that when you meet other beings you don't really know how to interpret their behavior. Be open, engage, be naive, that way the discovery will never end - at least in an ugly way

Production: Michael Anklin and Janiv Oron ( B1 by Michael Anklin)
Mixing: Michael Anklin
Mastering: Dan Suter
Artwork: Matthias Huber
Label: Sais Records

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design: Matthias Huber